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Quality Printing vs "Hand-crafted"

I have been putting a lot of thought lately into how I would like to produce my tarot deck once I've completed the illustrations. I am feeling very strongly about manufacturing the packaging myself and having them in a unique fully designed package. I'll throw some sketches up here once I have those fully fleshed out but I am loving the idea of using a box similar to the board game Jumanji from the original movie. I also feel like I can get a high quality print from my home printer, an Epson WF3640, for the packaging and that having it printed at home won't take away from the product. However, in terms of the cards themselves, I really want those deep colors to come through, and I want the card to feel like they have weight to them, to feel high value.

Does anyone else feel like sourcing a printer takes away from the hand-made quality of an art print, especially when you're designing them as a product? At what point, especially with design and digital art, does that hand-crafted quality get lost and you end up with a full blown mass producible product?

For now, the debate in my mind will continue on. I may try out a few different paper stocks at home and see what kind of quality I am able to produce on the cards before making a decision. It would be very nice to be a fully self sustained studio, as long as it doesn't come at a cost of quality.



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